​​Enablement for the Modern Workforce

1Echo is a workforce engagement platform designed for today's digital habits. Our innovative solution drives enablement by delivering more engaging and effective ‘drip learning’ directly to a user’s device, anytime, anywhere.

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Today’s workplace learning methods have become a cumbersome check-the-box exercise...and chances are your team can’t stand them.


spent annually per employee


benefit from current programs


plan to replace current LMS

How it Works

Push relevant need-to-know information & challenges in real-time so your employees engage on-demand when it’s convenient.

Why 1Echo?

1Echo is proven to increase participation, boost retention, and promote competition...leading to improved on-the-job performance.

Engage with manager challenges or voluntary questions.

On-Demand Engagement

We put need to know information at your employee’s fingertips in real-time when convenient.

‘Drip’ Learning

We help you deliver daily, bite-sized, custom content designed to efficiently train & educate your workforce.

Uptick in retention while improving efficiencies.

Recommend 1Echo as their preferred training tool.

Team Building

Competitive gamification helps drive participation, increase team building, and it’s fun.

Get Started

1Echo enhances your existing LMS without replacing it. Our flexible platform allows for simple setup and deployment.